Voters Debate End-of-Life Issues in Social Media

Harsh debates are taking place via social media among opponents and supporters of Question 2. Below is a sampling.

  1. Supporters of Question 2 urge their friends to learn more about the measure:

  2. capecodgurl
    I don’t care what the antiADS say..I am voting YES on MA Question 2 Assisted Suicide.
  3. kade_ellis
    Massachusetts voters! Learn about question two, the death with dignity ballot initiative. @joshua_eaton
  4. sheldonyyy
    I choose death before dishonor
    I’d rather die than live down on my knees
    Bury me like a soldier, with my dignity!
  5. kade_ellis
    There are all sorts of crazy commercials on tv in Massachusetts right now opposed to death with dignity. Really horrible lies. (Vote yes.)
  6. brady51h
    ‘Death With Dignity’ Should Become the National Norm via @newser
  7. DeathwDignity
    “Massachusetts residents should be able to end their lives with peace and dignity, if they so choose.” Read more:
  8. laurahelmuth
    Massachusetts’ Death With Dignity vote could be one of the most important of this election.… via @slate
  9. zackbeauchamp
    Arguments against death with dignity are, as usual, invariably terrible:…
  10. Donquixote2004
    Death is the mother of all freedoms. No one should ever be denied the right to leave when they get tired of life. Assisted suicide.
  11. Opponents of Question 2 are trying to persuade friends to vote no: 

  12. massprolife
    Only one week until election day, which means we have one week to defeat assisted suicide in MA. Vote NO on suicide. Vote NO on 2 #MApoli
  13. gregstevens
    “Voting for the Death with Dignity bill is a no-brainer.” — @davidpakmanshow
  14. MsMediaBeth
    Imagine this»a person feeling so depressed from illness, they get the pills for the assisted suicide ONLY to go home & be left to die ALONE.
  15. I’m indignant that lawn sign was stolen, so much for my freedom of speech
  16. MsMediaBeth
    Assisted suicide is #NEVERtheanswer The person is probably facing depression because of their illness & there’s no assistance they die alone
  17. CardinalSean
    Physician Assisted Suicide means making pharmacists, doctors, nurses, family members, friends & society itself, accomplices in a suicide.
  18. theotherHilary
    The only issue I have with assisted suicide is that it can be seen as an excuse to not provide the best care.
  19. AmandaaaJoyceee
    Physician assisted suicide, just take 100 pills at home. You’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that! #VOTENO
  20. Undecided voters ask their friends to share their views:

  21. Sara_M_Brown
    My Mass friends, what are your thoughts/opinions on Question 2 (“Death with Dignity” Initiative)?
  22. Kevastation
    All political opinions aside, how can you refer to assisted suicide as “death with dignity”? #ma #question2
  23. MFiddlerCBC
    Can you have legally dr. Assisted suicide that’s safe? #ttpsask audience asking – can it really be safe??
  24. Even after Election Day on November 6 residents of Massachusetts are likely to continue asking a simple question regardless the outcomes of voting:

Curation by Vitalii Moroz.

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