DDoS attacks target media covering protests in Ukraine

Protests in Ukraine against government have originated from users’ online activities and have been fueled with online discussions and dissemination of information through Twitter, Facebook and news sites. While government looses control on information flow, it might be interested to counter activities in Internet.

Thus, it has happened in Ukraine. News sites covering protests have been placed under cyber attacks during last weeks. Unidentified actors try to silence some Ukrainian sites through distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as attempts to make a site unavailable to its intended users.

On Dec 14,2013  journalists of Liga.net wrote on official page in Facebook: “We are currently under a very strong DDoS attack. Our technical team is fighting the whole night through.”

1_DDoS Screenshot at Dec 14 01-03-11

Another site Cityband.com.ua published in the beginning of December a map that showed key spots of protests in Kyiv. Now the site does not work. The notice on its front page says: “Our site is under DDoS attack. We had to close hosting. Sorry, friends. But we have created a more informative map on Yandex – Cityband Euromaidan.”


Cityband Euromaidan Yandex Map shows in colors main locations  of Euromaidan supporters and their opponents in downtown Kyiv. It also provides brief explanations of locations.

yandex Screenshot at Dec 14 02-09-43

Earlier Ukrainska Pravda and Ukr.net announced they had experienced DDoS attacks on their sites.

One thought on “DDoS attacks target media covering protests in Ukraine

  1. Thanks for sharing! There will always be people who do not agree with the information broadcasted across the net, and there will always be people who will do what they can to stop the information from being shared by bringing that site down. There’s nothing we can do to stop the attempts from happening but there are steps we can take to stop them from being successful!

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