Twitter of has been hacked

The official Twitter account of, one of the leading online news site in Ukraine, has been hacked at midnight, Feb 17, 2014, by anonymous users.

Two tweets, that indicate the hacking of the account, were published on 12.36 am and 2.12 am respectively.

The first one said: “We are the most lying news”. The second one was an appeal to pro-government oligarch Dmytro Firtash, an owner of U.A. Inter Media Group Limited, a media holding that operates dozens media resources, including site. The tweet said “D.V. Firtash, unfortunately, you run out of funds to continue publishing lie on this resource.”


First tweet: “We are the most lying news”


Second tweet with an appeal to Firtash

Many Twitter users have retweeted those messages, wondering what were the reasons of publishing tweets. Some asked if the account was hacked.

Compared to other leading news resources, the edition of do not pay much attention to Twitter as a tool to inform audience. Twitter of had just 2402 followers on the time of hacking. It followed none users. Meanwhile, Twitter of Ukrainska Pravda had 97,000 followers, – 61,200, RadioSvoboda – 54,500.

——the end———-

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