Yanukovych and his allies organized a provocation trap for protesters – Orobets

Lesya Orobets,  Ukrainian MP, described Yanukovych’s dirty game towards protesters on Feb 18, 2014. Bellow the full text:

All the so-called peaceful negotiations were a well-planned trap. They were aimed to delay time and to prepare power operations against protesters. Yanukovych did not plan to make any concessions from the beginning. All those ‘dances’ around the political process, backroom negotiations on amendments to the Constitution – were intended only to lure protesters in trap.

Today’s day was a well-planned and directed by at least a week ago. Right now Kyiv subway doesn’t work, and all entrances to Kyiv are locked. In Kyiv, at least in some places (for example, hostel KPI) the internet is off. A state of emergency will be imposed in Kyiv in a few hours and do not tell me that all this was done without any preparation, plan and investigation.Everybody understands that the operation that covers the whole 4 million city has been preparing for at least a few days, probably 2-3 weeks.

Government forces gathered large reserves of police and Interior Ministry troops in the center of Kyiv. Hired criminals were the only parade with “Berkut”, they were throwing stones at the protesters and were armed with armature. Tactically whole operation was planned so to let protesters come the government quarter and with concentrated strikes cut them into isolated groups.

If the task was not to let the protesters get to the Parliament, the border would have been made in the old place – on Hrushevskogo street.

The actions of the police and hired criminals supporting the police were very violent. At the moment at least four protesters were killed, including a woman. A few people are dying from gunshot wounds – soldiers of Berkut and Ministry Internal Troops shot buckshot, some protesters hit with the rifle. Berkut shot from the roofs and threw grenades in to the crowd – also from the roofs. Several dozen people are injured very seriously, many people are with broken eyes because of headshots.

This battle carefully planned in advance and is intended to destroy any hint of democracy in Ukraine. The screenwriters of this battle want to repeat the same event in Kyiv as in 1993 in Moscow. They want to settle fear in the hearts of Ukrainians forever, and intend to repel any thought to defend their rights completely.

This won’t happen!!! NO WAY!

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