Dictatorship and crackdown of civil society are being imposed by government in Ukraine

On Thursday, Jan 16, 2014, the Ukrainian Parliament has illegally adopted amendments to the Criminal Code and they have been immediately signed by the President of Ukraine. The initiative targets civil society and participants of #euromaidan by imposing sanctions for peaceful protests and activities of non-government organizations. Government also protects police. According to the amendments (translation by Iryna Lysenko):

– participants of peaceful protests and demonstrations that took place without the permission of police can be arrested for up to 15 days;

– blocking of state buildings is punished by up to 5 years of imprisonment;

– cars which move in a convoy of more than 5 vehicles can be confistaced from their owners;

– collecting personal information about policemen, judges and other state agents – such as facts from their biography where they lied under oath, accepted bribes, beat up or killed (yes, we do have murderers who are still judges) – can lead to arrest for up to 6 months;

– NGOs that receive grants from any foreign state/fund/organization/individual and that take part in ANY kind of political activity in Ukraine are now considered “foreign agents”, must register as such, are taken away their non-profit status and taxed by new, complicated procedure.

The graphics, prepared by Chesno, summarize the threats for the civil society in Ukraine:


President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych run away from journalists

Viktor Yanukovych did not stop to answer the questions of Ukrainian and international journalists regarding political crisis in Ukraine and responsibility for forceful dispersal of protesters in Kyiv on Nov 30.

After negotiations between opposition leaders and government during round table that took place on Dec 13, the President left the venue through rear exit not willing to talk to journalists. Dozens journalists were following Yanukovych, shouting questions and requests to answer them. Presidents’ bodyguards approached journalists to prevent them from asking questions.

The round table was not productive at all. Vitaliy Klychko, a leader of oppositional Udar party, said “The government did not accept any of your demands.”