Ukraine in blood: police killing dozens of protesters

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 was the darkest day in the history of Ukrainian independence – at least 18 protestors killed, more than 1000 wounded during the clashes in Kyiv.

Clashes started in the morning, when pro-government parties refused to adopt a a legislation to limit the President’s power. Protestors moved in the direction of Parliament. Since then police started shooting at protestors. Photos of police with AK47 Kalashnikov fire arms were taken by journalists on Instytutska St. The hardest fight took place on Instytutska – two people, including a 60-year old woman, where shot. Their bodies were located in front of Khreshtatyk metro stations.

Father and son today in Mariyinskyi Park in the morning after clashes with police and thugs, called titushki. Both are lecturers in the largest technical university of Ukraine. Their last name stands for Kuznetsov.


The government announced anti-terrorist operation in Kyiv against 30 000 protestors. Police attacked Maidan Nezalezhnosti.  Metro was closed since the afternoon. Thousands of people could not reach their destinations. Also thousands of Kyiv residents assisted wounded in hospitals. A protestor died on the hands of my online friend in Kyiv hospital #17 – he was shot in head and stomach – link to my friend reporting on it.

The President of Ukraine refused to stop violence – he demanded every protestor to leave Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Police continued to attack protestors. As my friend Yevgen Truhin wrote: “Riot policeman is paid 600 USD per month. For 600 $ he destroys and kill people to protect the regime, crazy. Is it worth?”

flame Dec 18

Media attention in social media worldwide switched from Olympic games to events in Ukraine:


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Journalists suffer from police bullets and grenades in Kyiv

Ukrainian and foreign journalists are under police attacks in the heart of Kyiv, where the protests against the government continue. Riot police has already targeted more than 30 journalists, who were injured by rubber bullets and gas grenades. As a result, some journalists have been seriously injured.

Vyacheslav Veremiy, a correspondent for was injured  by police on Jan 20 and hold a surgery on his left eye. He might need another surgery and doctors do not guarantee his eyesight recovery., a pro governmental online site, where Veremiy works, still publishes partisan news regarding the protests, accusing protestors of “beating police”.

Unidentified Russian correspondent was injured during his live broadcast on Jan 20 (see video). The grenade exposed behind him, injuring the journalist and knocking him down. The video also shows protesters carrying the injured to the ambulance:

The protests against government have been continuing for two months. The main cause of protestors are to dismiss key state officials, to free political prisoners and to withdraw a set of repressive laws, adopted on Jan 16, 2014.