Online-course in verification launched

The course, I have developed with Myhailyna Skoryk, targets journalists from New Independent States, where Russian language is commonly used. Thus, we recorded the verification course in Russian. It will be interested for all who spend more then 6 hours per day in Internet and social media. Registration is here.

With the course, we want to reshape critical thinking of users and journalists while dealing with information online – we teach how to verify photo, video and profiles in social media, in particular in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We suggest hints of verification in by means of geolocation (Yomapic, Google Street View, Google Earth, etc).

The course has 8 lectures, divided in 2-3 episodes. Each lecture is followed by script, 5 questions to be answered and additions video/articles watch&read.

The final test includes 15 questions, those, successfully pass the test, will receive a certificate of complition. So far, 141 participant registered and one – completed the course. Join the course at VUM online platform.


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Suggesting 10 tips in cyber security for Ukrainian Internet users

Recently my team from Internews Ukraine has created a video tutorial in cyber security for Internet users in Ukraine. We had a task to deliver key issues in cyber security in an interactive way – to create animation that will simply explain what to do in order to be a meaningful user. How to use https instead of http, how to check the links received in email, how to avoid phishing attacks and build strong passwords. Since the tutorial lasts for almost 5 minutes, we have divided it into five parts – in each video one can find two tips.

In my opinion, users should know much more about cyber security and the list of 10 tips is not complete, but with this tutorial, users may start exploring the issue of cyber security and learn more on their own. The video is in Ukrainian, nevertheless, you can guess from illustrations what it is talking about. If you have any comments on it, please share, what should be improved and what do you like about the tutorial.

Part 1 10 tips in cyber security –
Part 2 10 tips in cyber security –
Part 3 10 tips in cyber security –
Part 4 10 tips in cyber security –
Part 5 10 tips in cyber security –

And the full tutorial in a single video:

Чи є відповіді на російську агресію в кіберпросторі – текст для Критики

У Росії достатньо ресурсів аби вести інформаційну війну проти України, однак недостатньо аби тягатися з західними медіа. ИТАР-ТАСС, РИА Новости, Russia Today та російські телеканали оперують величезними бюджетами, працюють роками практично в цілодобовому режимі, а віднедавна перейшли й в онлайн. Арсенал російської пропаганди виглядає наступним чином: Russia Today в Фейсбуці має 1,4 мільйони прихильників, в Tвітері – 630 тисяч. РИА Новости – 1,1 мільйони, в Твітері – 550 тисяч. До порівняння – найбільш впливова у вітчизняному інформаційному просторі Українська Правда має у Фейсбуці 185 тисяч прихильників, у Твітері – 146 тисяч. – Читати увесь текст

Sketching is Fun. What can you learn from online course

A wall in New York City- photo by Vitalii Moroz

A wall in New York City- photo by Vitalii Moroz

Just have finished Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization online-course by Knight Center. It was a month of deadlines, learning, thinking and interacting with other students. More than 3300 students from all over the world have registered. Fewer have finished the course due to different reason, the main, I believe, is time-management.

It was a very valuable experience to see what the contemporary education is, how group interaction does look and how collective intelligence does work through the course. Besides, there is a good lesson from the instructor Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo) of bringing mindful approach to thinking in terms of good design.

What did you like the most about the course?
Opportunity to get new skills and knowledge and to practice infographics while sketching the ideas. Also I have learned the following lessons:
1) timing is important;
2) collective intelligence is great;
3) improve and improve;
4) think before do;
5) learn from others;
6) sketching is fun;
7) the internal portal is confusing;
8) future is now;
9) rear a good taste of design;
10) do not afraid to make mistakes.

What other courses would you suggest?
Big Data Analysis and Cyber Security. First will make sense of tons of information, second will help to protect citizens from the government

What is your general feedback on the course?
I did like flexibility with timing – it works great! It is very important to give some more time to submit assignment since our life if getting more and more complicated due to the increased flow of information.